The goal of the Pulliam Community Building Foundation is to create awareness and gain support to restore the Pulliam Community Building to a functional, mixed-use space for Downtown Loveland. Check out the details and see how you can spread the word to help accomplish this important collective endeavor.

Click here to download the Restore Pulliam Plan in PDF.


Immediate Local Benefit

A restored Pulliam brings thousands of additional visitors to Downtown and generates new economic activity.

Wise Investment

A creative solution to the current budget drain that includes a public-philanthropic partnership for both renovation and operation.

Preservation of Historic Integrity

This idea protects Loveland’s heritage by restoring a gem of local history and creates a functional, marketable venue out of an existing asset.

Imagine the Possibilities

Restoration converts a limited use space to a variable use space that is unique, affordable and intended to serve groups and events of all sizes. Seeing is believing.


Public interest is necessary to move this project forward. Having tangible numbers in each of these following areas allow us to show there is a community desire for this effort.

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